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    I started my journey in insurance sales back in March 1995 after I left the army. Renee (my then girlfriend turned wife) and I, we were young but hungry for success as we wanted to build strong foundation in our career and a bright future together. She joined the insurance industry first while I was serving the army.
    In 1996, I qualified for my first prestigious MDRT membership and qualifying thereon every year consecutively for the next 26 years. To date, I have qualified for my 27th year MDRT Qualifying and Life Member. The support and appreciations that they have shown me, especially during the toughest years in my career with AIA, they were there for me. I will continue to do give my best in this career, 27 years and counting on, to secure their future, helping them live a healthier, longer and better lives.
    I have to acknowledge Singapore Arm Forces has indirectly shaped me for who I am today, being a Guards Officer leading a company of soldiers, I plan and lead my fellow man to accomplish our mission given to me. The empowerment and leadership had path the way to me becoming a meticulous and detailed Financial Services Consultant and Agency Leader. For my no nonsense approach, well planned financial portfolio building towards my clients’ future and their family protection needs, I am very grateful I have earned their trust, confidence and continued support from generation to generations. I owe my success to them and I thank them for the opportunities they have given me. Most importantly, many have become my closed family friends, some started of as acquaintances, some are strangers and many are referrals from my customers.

    Finally, a moment of pride and honor.
    My most humbled journey and experience was being called and appointed to be a Honorary Aides-De-Camp to the late Singapore President Mr SR Nathan in 2001 to 2008. It was truly an honor to serve Mr SR Nathan during his term in office. A great and caring President.