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  • 2021 Million Dollar Club
  • 2020 Million Dollar Club
  • 2017 Million Dollar Club, Gold
  • 2016 Million Dollar Club

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    My insurance journey started when I bought my first policy right after graduation from my dear friend, Renee, who is now my District Director. Her regular detailed policy reviews and sharing of information with me gradually increased my knowledge and interest in this meaningful industry. Thus when I decided to join her, I was quick to pass the various exams and had never looked back since.

    Fast forward today, I am blessed to be enjoying what I am doing. Being able to meet clients from different walks of life, understanding their needs and wants, sharing of their life stories, meeting their families and friends, is such an honour for me. The trust and appreciation that clients bestowed upon me further attests to how crucial my roles are in educating the public about financial planning and how noble this job is.

    A candle loses nothing if it lights up another candle.

    My philosophy in life is to be kind and helpful. I believe in sharing my knowledge with as many people as possible regardless of whether they became my clients. As the saying goes, “A candle loses nothing if it lights up another candle.”

    I humbly recalled an orphan client whom I reviewed all his numerous old policies and did a summary for him and his family. He was very grateful and told me never to leave this industry as he and his family could finally rely on me to hold their hands.

    I adore that insurance helps to lift the weight off one’s shoulders. If you fall sick, we pay; if you need cash, we pay; if your child goes to university, we pay; if you die, we pay!

    Helping clients in their claims is also a crucial part of my job. I helped a client claim successfully for a coronary heart condition and unfortunately during that period, he was also retrenched. The claim proceeds came at the right time and he was so grateful that I convinced him to buy the policy many years ago.

    With such appreciation and merits that insurance brings me, I will continue this journey for as long as I could in reaching out to the public.

    What people. say about Elsie?

    Elsie is a great person with great character. She is very trustworthy and provides excellent service. She has made the process of dealing with insurance claims easy and painless for the multiple claims which I had to submit recently due to my slipped disc. This is a process I normally dread but she made it extremely easy for me. I am proud to let her handle my policies and would recommend Elsie to any of my friends or family.

    Mr Tay Lai Chun

    Elsie, my insurance agent and a friend for many years since 2013. She’s great and I am very happy with her service. I really appreciate all of her diligent work every year to get us properly insured, it allows me to sleep well knowing we are well protected.

    She really made the experience stress free. She does not hesitate to pick up my calls whenever I called her and listened attentively to me.

    Thank you for all your help! I absolutely love the awesome customer service you always give me!
    I appreciate you being here for me and my family.

    Mr Patrick Lam