Gayathri SubashFinancial Services Manager

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    What started out as a career switch from a data Analyst in Bloomberg to a Corporate Banker in 2 international banks , Financial Planning Practitioner has become my mission now. I wanted more freedom of my time and income but this career had exceeded my expectation.

    My goal has been to improve and transform the financial situation of each individual I meet. I am passionate about educating, empowering and enlightening every individual to create financial harmony, freedom and independence in their lives. I have learnt True financial planning is living a Rich life, where life is more than money and true richness is driven by purpose and values.

    If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

    My Most Meaningful Moment in my career – When I met this beautiful, smiling, cheery kind lady during a roadshow. She was very keen to buy something for her husband and not herself as she just vaguely mentioned that she was sick. She took a simple saving plan to support her husband. Months later, I received a call from her husband sharing her passing from 4th stage cancer. I was saddened and immediately visited the husband and presented the savings plan’s proceed. He was in tears and shared, he had sold his business and spend his last dollar trying to keep his wife alive and these proceeds which I handed over would salvage their matrimony property from being sold. I felt so touched and moved by the power of my job – “A simple ink with signature on dotted lines” provides hard cold cash saving families and their dreams . I knew this was not just a job anymore, it was a mission of giving power.