Jarrod TjoSenior Personal Wealth Manager

  • AIA Career Benefit Qualifier 2022
  • AIA Million Dollar Club Platinum 2022
  • AIA Prestige Club Qualifier 2022

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+65 8133 4178

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    I joined AIA in 1998. I wanted a profession that offers both good remuneration and flexible working hours. Looking back now, that same job qualities still hold true.

    I have always been known to folks around me as someone who is loyal & dependable. Over the course of my work, I am always being offered new opportunities to move, either to another insurer, bank or another advisory firm.

    What kept me rooted in my current work at the agency is my dedication to my existing clients. When a client sign on the dotted line to purchase a life insurance or place an investment. They are placing a lot of trust in me to do my job well. To quit on them during tough times is equivalent to letting them down. So I have to always remind myself this each time I face a hurdle or road block in my profession.

    Tough times never last; Tough People do!

    I have often joked that I am that cockroach that can survive a nuclear holocaust. If there is a quote that I want my loved one to embrace? It’s this, “Tough times never last; Tough People do!”

    As my insurance agent, I saw how Renee & Mezz worked. As their client, I felt their passion for this industry and their dedication to their clients.

    If I could trust them for my life’s financial planning, why can’t I trust them with my career

    That was 24 years ago. Never was there a day that I regretted joining this awesome family and working alongside with Renee & Mezz.

    What do people have to say about Jarrod?

    Jarrod has been my insurance advisor for nearly 20 years now. Through the years, as my family changed and our insurance needs changed, I have relied upon Jarrod for his experience and expertise to advise us. I have never had reason to regret following his advice. Whether it is a simple query on changing my address or a complete relook at my insurance portfolio, Jarrod always does a complete job of researching the options and presenting a full picture with options so I can make an informed decision. Over the years I have recommended him to many friends and I have heard nothing but positive comments from them all.


    The reason why I bought through Jarrod can be summarized in one word – trust. I have a lot of trust for Jarrod. He shows care, reliability, competence and sincerity.

    I appreciate that he goes into the details of the product, so that I can form my own assessments and make my own decision. Another big win for him is when he showed that he bought the products he was introducing me. that was a quick and effective way to build trust.