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    With over 20 years of experience in insurance with AIA, I’ve grown to become an authentic but adaptable FSC – ready to adapt and adopt the new evolutions in company business technologies and strategies.

    In line with my values and personality, I am always committed to remaining true to my clients. This means continuously giving my dedication, sincerity and service to them as what I’ve done some 20 years ago when I first started this career – and with their trust and support, I ensure my clients are done right in an ethical and professional manner.

    My job entails providing financial planning solutions and, consequently after sales, also offer continued servicing advice and assistance to clients. I can say that whenever we help clients make a successful claim, it is an undeniable testament to what we call “insurance at work”. And each time claims are approved, the satisfaction from this job never diminishes.

    It empowers and reinforces my belief in insurance, and how the work I am doing can make a huge difference in someone’s life by helping them cope with the everyday challenges in their livelihood. And a lot of the time, these challenges are universal.

    This has given me a deeper understanding that insurance is for anyone and everyone at all points of their lives. This perspective motivates me to continue this profession till today, and I believe that being reliable and honest as a person is crucial for maintaining good client relationships. I am grateful and humbled to say that for all these years, I haven’t face many “difficult” clients – they are usually good manner people.

    And as I always believe the saying that people treat you the way you treat them, my advice in the industry is to simply be kind, be nice, and be respectful to all.

    With new and advanced technologies implemented by AIA and our profession’s ongoing training (whether formal or day-to-day growth), I will continue being the efficient and professional FSC when working with my clients and many more potential buyers to come.

    What people say about Mandy

    Mandy, my agent for more than 15 years, offers excellent service, is easy to talk to, truthful and understands both me and my family situation well. She is always helpful and prompt in response when servicing mine, my family or even my parents’ policies – whether or not they purchased from her. Mandy will oversee and follow up with me for all policy matters till the end. Not only that, she will go out of her way to try and help me on certain issues that are not insurance related. I am greatly appreciative and thankful to her for being there as my agent.

    Mr Ngo Boon Leong