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    Leaving a successful career in India and coming to singapore in my 40’s , I embarked a new chapter in the financial planning industry. For 20years, i have build a successful practise allowing me to share the wisdom of planning right. I have inspired my daughter and wife to continue the legacy of serving the community and helping our clients in ensuring they have a sound financial plan to guide them in achieving their financial dreams and aspirations.

    Do it now. Sometimes, later becomes never !

    With my vast experience in this industry, I have seen what benefits can proper financial planning do. I have also seen the devastating impact of poor and irresponsible financial planning. As such, i enjoy sharing stories and inspiring others to make the right decision. I Love the opportunity this career has given to me in making a difference in someone’s life.

    What do we have to say about Subash?

    When MR Subash was recommended to us, we were impressed with his knowledge and invited him to our home to advise us on planning our finances. We executed with recommendations and 6 years later, i was diagnosed with cancer. we did not have much savings and was lucky that our medical plan took care of my recovery paying up to $240,000. I am very grateful to Mr Subash to enter our lives at the right time.

    Selvi & Basker

    I am holding a number 2 position at my MNC company in Singapore. I have my company insurance which i considered very good. WHen Mr Subash approached me for health insurance, i was reluctant as i did not wish to double cover myself. Hence, i just took a small plan to respect Mr Subash advise. When i was diagnosed with coronary issue in the later years, I was shocked that my group insurance paid only $9,000 against my bill of $38,000. I was very happy and relieved that Mr Subash could claim $22,000 from the small plan i took. I regretted not taking a bigger medical plan and now agree with Mr Subash that it is better to depend on your own medical plan that to rely on the company’s corporate insurance plan.

    Mr VinodSingh

    When Mr Subash met my late husband and myself in 1999, we were reluctant to spare any money for savings and investments. After his logical persuasion, my late husband invested with Mr Subash’s recommendation. After 12 years, my late husband passed on and the plans my late husband took gave me security as i received a monthly income till today. Without this benefit, i would have been broken and not know how to survive. I really thank Mr Subash for coming into our lives and advising us throughout.

    Subuletchmi Maniam