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More by chance than intentionally, my insurance advisor brought me into this industry which provided me the flexibility to have time for my family; the cornerstone of my life.

I am blessed to have a big-hearted leader who truly believes in everyone’s potential to grow. Being in a big family of cheerleaders that selflessly shares, supports and consistently motivates one another, the team enlivens me and make every challenge I face easier to conquer.

This career provides me the opportunity to connect with people from diverse backgrounds–no two people are alike. Every day, every new person I encounter brings excitement and fresh perspectives. In the process, I gain countless eye-opening insights with every new life story and experience my clients share with me. This enables me to better uncover and understand the needs of others which helps me become a better consultant.
As I continue learning and enhancing my industry knowledge, I further develop my inherent attention to detail. It also equips me with patience to work closely with each client; where every step is tailored to meet their needs and advance towards their desired goals. As the financial planning journey is a fulfilling one, I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing I made a difference in their lives when my clients and their loved ones are better prepared towards a better tomorrow.

Cindy Chung
Financial Services Consultant,